Fashion Management in the Craft Industry

Fashion Management in the Craft Industry is our first Postgraduate Program developed and shared between two of our main Schools, based in Madrid and Florence.

The fashion market generates great demand, which leads more and more luxury firms to follow the business model of large retailers, generating more than three or four collections each year, at a frenzied pace, as well as creating increasingly exclusively products, which are personalised and linked to the new values demanded by consumers. 

On the other hand, factors such as the consolidation of new technologies, real time, the emergence of new markets and production decentralisation force the textiles sector to seek constant solutions and improvements in order to be able to innovate and satisfy demand. As a result of this phenomenon, and to avoid saturating the market, many companies lend their products a differentiating value beyond their brand image. Because of this, the luxury sector focuses on artisan, unique and exclusive features, creating the concept of a new luxury where technology and craftsmanship come together.

Today, the manufacturing and distribution processes of luxury products are increasingly complex and sophisticated, and also more personalised, so these sectors require professionals who can coordinate and manage with precision and quality this kind of production process. Responsible, professional and efficient people who can understand the business model and simultaneously coordinate the manufacturing of products, negotiate with suppliers, monitor stock distribute and define the commercial strategy of a product.

Because of this, the Postgraduate Course in Fashion Management in the Crafts Industry is based on the acquisition of knowledge in the fields of management, marketing, craftsmanship values and buying, developing skills and practical experiences in product management in the widest sense of the word, with a specific focus on the Made in Italy industry.

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The Postgraduate Course In Fashion Management in the Craft Industry trains versatile professionals able to fit into the work team of a large company, and it offers guidelines for all those professionals embarking on their own professional adventure.
Among other objectives:

  • Acquiring global knowledge about the complex world of fashion andhow its market works.
  • Knowing about the life process of the fashion product, from its design to production and sale.
  • Understanding the important part played by marketing and brand management in fashion.
  • Acquiring the necessary tools to be able to apply profitability and efficiency criteria.
  • Acquiring management skills.
  • Understanding the role of the commercial department.
  • Understanding product quality and craftsmanship values in contemporary fashion scenarios.
  • Understanding of made in Italy values in relation to history of fashion and Italian manufacturing districts, made in Italy as a model to focus on tangible and intangible values in the contemporary global fashion
  • Acquiring skills in setting fashion event(s) planning, including
    intellectual creative processes and technical organization.

Professional Opportunities

Students who study this programme will acquire a multidisciplinary training, perfect for working in the competitive fashion industry. They will be prepared to enter companies. Also, the comprehensive study plan will enable students to opt for various job opportunities and even start their own business:

  • Product Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Buyer
  • Merchandiser
  • Retail Manager
  • Product manager in craft industry
  • Fashion craft buyer

Ficha del curso

Fashion Management in the Craft Industry

  • Tipo de curso: Postgrado
  • Idioma: English
  • Escuela: IED Moda Lab
  • Créditos IED: 20
  • Fecha Inicio: Abril 2017
  • Duración: 4 meses
  • Asistencia: blended
  • Titulación: Privado
  • Tasa de matrícula: 1200 €
  • Tasa del curso: 3000 €

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