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Campus IED

The IED Campus is the e-learning platform of the IED Madrid, and a practical and intuitive online support for enriching the training period of the design and communication disciplines.

The IED Campus provides didactic content in such formats as master classes, interactive manuals, downloadable texts, course selfevaluation tests, activities, directed exercises, personalized tutorials and debate forums
moderated by our teachers, who give the student continuous follow-up.

There is also a coordination space on the IED Campus to support the attendance based classes, where students can establish multidirectional communication channels with their teachers and classmates, consult the course calendar daily, find out about all the latest news, have within reach notes, teaching programmes and didactic foundations, consult, send and receive messages, etc., and be up to date on everything that is going on in the IED Madrid (events, exhibitions, lectures, seminars) through a constantly updated diary.

The IED Campus also has very accessible technology, which allows students to access a learning environment at any time or place and from any device with an Internet connection (computer, lap top, mobile or tablet).


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