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Master of Digital Fabrication for Interaction

Master - 9 months

    Master of Digital Fabrication for Interaction

    Digital Fabrication has enabled the leap from industrial manufacturing –which is hard to access- to affordable and accessible personal fabrication to allow for rapid prototyping in the development of projects.

    With this course, you will learn to handle a digital workflow, in both the design and prototyping stages, learning to distinguish between different manufacturing processes for prototyping and designing your projects efficiently and quickly.

    You will also learn to make your designs "smart" by equipping them with connectivity, interaction and responsive design. You will learn to do this in four steps: integration of electronics in the design, programming electronics, mechanical outputs so that your projects "do things" and interaction between your projects and their environment.

    You will learn while you work on your projects, through learning by doing, combined with the knowledge offered by the best international faculty and the facilities of the Fab Lab IED Madrid, which you will have free access to all day long, so you can work on your prototypes and experiments.


    • Understand manufacturing processes and contemporary rapid prototyping
    • Develop your creativity and ability to solve design problems while providing specific solutions to real manufacturing problems
    • Lend your projects the ability to interact and respond to the environment around them
    • Enhance your digital representation skills and computer modeling
    • Understand difficulties of bringing a product to market
    • Obtain a roadmap of the many processes of technological development that are emerging and learn to incorporate them into your projects

    Professional Opportunities

    • Design lead
    • Process and Prototyping manager
    • Product engineering
    • Product specialist
    • Embedded designer and developer
    •  Fab Lab Manager
    • Workshop and facilities manager

    Program Leaders

    Ignacio Prieto

    Architect specialized in infographics and 3D modeling. Run the Fab Lab IED Madrid together with Daniel García and teaches the courses of Digital Fabrication in MediaLab Prado (Madrid).
    Has been Manager in Fab Lab UPM and has taught classes, seminars and workshops in the UPM, CEU and IED Madrid. In the professional field, as freelance, has developed projects of Digital Prototyping, Design, infographics and Interior Design through his carpentry workshop.

    Daniel García

    Run the Fab Lab IED Madrid together with Ignacio Prieto and teaches the courses of fabrication in theMediaLab Prado (Madrid). Architect and Master in Advanced Architectural Projects (MPAA).
    Was Manager of the Fab Lab in the Polytechnic University in Madrid (UPM) and has taught at several universities like UPM, IED Madrid, CEPT University or Camilo José Cela University. As an Architect, he was founder member of Papalagi Studio, a national and international competition award winner.



    David Cuartielles

    Founder at Arduino
    David holds a degree in Telecommunications Engineering and is Director of the Laboratory of the School of Arts and Communication at the University of Malmo (Sweden). In addition, he co-founded Arduino with Massimo Banzi and Dave Mellis, an open-source electronic prototyping platform based on flexible and easy-to-use hardware and software.


    Masaaki Hasegawa

    Concept creator, author, artist and expert in creativity
    Masaaki is the creator of Creativida and a business advisor of Erretres Strategic Design Company.  He is also an international artist, ambassador and permanent exhibitor of the Museum of Contemporary Calligraphy, devoted to creativity education and has published three books on creativity. In addition, he has been selected as one of the 100 Speakers Spain by Thinking Heads.


    Gianluca Pugliese

    Expert in digital manufacturing and 3D printing
    Gianluca is the General Manager of the Iberian delegation of Wasp 3D, participating in the R + D of machines and processes. In addition, he participates as an artist in numerous exhibitions such as the Biennale di Venezia, Operae, the Design Week Milano, etc.


    Elena Rivas

    Lead Data Scientist
    Elena Rivas has a degree in Architecture. Her career is based on a continuous interest in exploring, communicating and solving new complexities in digital information, as well as its relation with the physical environment. The importance of working of information as a living and dynamic system which cannot be treated through conventional tools whether at cities, buildings or bodies scale, have led her to specialize in emerging technologies such as Big Data, Data Visualization and Parametric Design.


    César García

    Researcher in the Association Discover the Object Oriented Electronics
    César is co-founder of Makespace Madrid and president of CreFab, Spanish Network of Creation and Digital Manufacturing. Co-organizes since 2011 a group in Madrid on the Internet of Things (IoT) with more than 750 members and has participated as a speaker in a wide international conferences.


    Román Torre 

    Designer of interactive visual productions
    Roman has worked conceptualizing, performing and collaborating in all types of productions of all sizes, from small devices to large visual productions on stage. His works and collaborations have been exhibited in different institutions, museums and theaters both nationally and internationally: Argentina, Colombia, Egypt, Spain, Slovenia, UK...

    How we do it?

    The teaching methodology of the IED Innovation Labs constitutes the convergence of the theoretical knowledge of the best international professionals with their practical development in the Fab Lab, a prototyping laboratory fully equipped with everything necessary for the whole development of projects.

    During the week you develop in a practical manner everything you have learned during the lectures guru's an mentor's sessions.

    Organization of each module:

    • Online Lessons
    • Practice at Fab Lab
    • Intensive Workshop


    CAD (Computer-Aided Design)

    CAM (Computer-Aided Machining)

    Composite Manufacturing and Industrial Processes

    Electronics Design

    Programming and Communication

    Robotics and Mechanical Design

    Digital Arts and Interaction

    Business and Practice

    Final Project

    Why study at IED Innovation Lab?

    The IED Innovation Lab is an international networking centre focused on promoting a dynamic collaboration between disciplines, interaction with professionals, hybridization of concepts and prototyping results.

    The centre operates around LABS where experts from different fields explore the future of design working with the latest technologies in digital fabrication, electronics, media production, virtual reality, etc.

    It is located in what is considered the new creative district of Madrid, 20 minutes by underground from the other IED spaces. The neighborhood offers largescale workspaces where new designers can work freely, taking advantage of the premises’ great functionality.

    Course file

    Master of Digital Fabrication for Interaction

    • Type of course : Master
    • Language : English
    • School: Design
    • IED Credits: 60
    • Start date: October 2019
    • Duration: 9 months
    • Timetable : Afternoon Contact classes: 19:00 to 22:30h (2 days a week) Online lessons: 16:00 to 20:00h (Fr) | 10:00 to 14:00h (Sat) Intensive attendance-based Workshop: 1 weekend/month
    • Attendance: Blended
    • Qualification: Private Course students will receive a certificate. Those who are taking the double qualification with the Fab Academy will also receive the Fab Diploma issued by the Fab Foundation.
    • Directed to : Designers, architects, engineers, entrepreneurs, artists, etc. Anyone linked to the field of design.
    • Admission process : CV / motivation letter Portfolio (no greater than 3MB) / website Personal interview, if deemed appropriate by the teaching coordinator
    • Enrollment rate: 3900 €
    • Course Fee: 11300 €

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