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Master of New Skins: Smart Fabrics & Wearables

Master - 9 months

Digital tools and interactive behaviours for working and creating soft surfaces and textiles.

    Master of New Skins: Smart Fabrics & Wearables

    Under the concept of New Skins, we address the use of textiles at different scales, which may be applied from the scale of the object, to the human body, to rooms or even an architectural façade.
    This course responds to the current need in design to create increasingly interdisciplinary work teams. Throughout this master, you will learn about three key areas for achieving an advanced and up-to-date use of textiles in your projects.
    In the first part of the master, you will explore the complex geometries and designs allowed by digital design and manufacturing. In the second part, you will learn to integrate smart behaviour to textiles through soft electronics and programming in order to complete the master learning about the most advanced contemporary materials, how to work with them and how to create new materials.
    You will learn at the same time as you complete your projects through the Learning by doing methodology, together with the knowledge of the best international teachers and with the facilities of the Fab Lab IED Madrid, to which you will have free access throughout the day in order to perform your prototypes and experiments. 

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    • Create new non-standardised specific solutions to particular problems.
    • Gain a broad vision of current technology processes applied to textiles.
    • Work on your designs with complex geometries and virtual simulations.
    • Control a digital workflow in both the design and the production of your projects.
    • Equip textiles with smart behaviours using soft electronics and programming.
    • Make textiles interact with their immediate environment and the people who wear them.
    • Ability to discretise new materials and create new materials.

    Professional Opportunities

    • Designer specialised in textile innovation
    • Design lead
    • Consultant in textile innovation
    • Process and Prototyping textile designer
    • Entrepreneur
    • Researcher
    • Textile creator

    Course Directors

    Elena Zapico and Raquel Buj

    ZAP&BUJ is a platform that works at the intersection between Fashion and Architecture founded by Elena Zapico and Raquel Buj. With extensive experience as architects and fashion designers, their recent projects include Wall Dress, winner of the Samsung Ego Innovation Project in 2017 and Vogue’s Who’s on next competition in 2018, where they were finalists.

    In her solo career, Elena Zapico has worked with renowned designers such as Sybilla and has coordinated fashion shows for designers such as Santiago del Palacio and Amabel García.

    Raquel Buj has received several international awards for her architectural work as part of her Buj+Colón studio, most notably the 11 March Memorial in Madrid.

    What you will learn

    With the Master in New Skins: smart fabrics & wearables, you will learn everything you need for applying technology to textile design and prototyping processes through the three areas developed in the master: geometries, behaviours and materials.

    The approach of the master lies in developing practical skills applied directly in the Fab Lab, where you will perform an ongoing development of the theory seen in the classes, which will allow you to experiment and develop your own processes for applying them in future projects.

    The master concludes with a Final Project in which you will perform a cross-disciplinary application of all the knowledge learned over the different specific modules.

    After completing the master, you will be able to:

    • Have extensive knowledge of the current panorama of work using technological textiles applied to different disciplines and scales
    • Digital design: work and control complex geometries generated by computer on which you will be able to apply digital simulations and pattern designing
    • Digital Fabrication: rapid prototyping by applying digital fabrication techniques to your designs
    • Soft electronics: integration into textiles, smart behaviours through electronics and programming of the fabrics
    • New materials: knowing the technological processes that have made it possible to create new materials and techniques in order to experiment and develop your own materials

    Why study at IED Innovation Lab?

    The IED Innovation Lab is an international networking centre focused on promoting a dynamic collaboration between disciplines, interaction with professionals, hybridization of concepts and prototyping results.

    The centre operates around LABS where experts from different fields explore the future of design working with the latest technologies in digital fabrication, electronics, media production, virtual reality, etc.

    It is located in what is considered the new creative district of Madrid, 20 minutes by underground from the other IED spaces. The neighborhood offers largescale workspaces where new designers can work freely, taking advantage of the premises’ great functionality.

    Course file

    Master of New Skins: Smart Fabrics & Wearables

    • Type of course : Master
    • Language : English
    • School: Fashion
    • IED Credits: 60
    • Start date: October 2019
    • Duration: 9 months
    • Timetable : Morning-Afternoon Practical Classroom Schedule: Mon to Thursday, 2-3 days at week, from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Workshop schedule: Saturday and Sunday, one weekend at month. Online Classes Schedule: Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
    • Attendance: blended
    • Qualification: Private Private accreditation at the end of the course. (Mandatory Attendance)
    • Directed to : fashion and product designer, architects, designers interested in implementing soft material skills in their disciplines.
    • Admission process : CV / Motivation Letter / Portfolio (no greater than 3MB) / Personal Interview, if deemed appropriate by the teaching coordinator
    • Enrollment rate: 2500 €
    • Course Fee: 10400 €

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