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Master of Publishing Design: Print and Digital Media

Master - 10 months

Begin to design all kinds of publishing formats and new digital media, by mastering the role of photography and illustration, composition, typography and the processes involved in the reading process.

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Master of Publishing Design: Print and Digital Media

Replacing paper with screens, the increase in sales of publishing products, the proliferation of portable electronic devices, changing modes of access to information... all force the designer to make a continuous review of the languages of visual communication in print media.
For this reason, the Master not only includes the study of different publishing formats, the role of photography and illustration, the principles of composition and typographic aesthetics, but also provides knowledge of the cognitive processes involved in the process of reading within the new challenges of the digital world. 


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  • Obtain the knowledge needed to identify the needs of the sector
  • Discover the culture of publishing projects, the dynamics that govern their processes and the professionals that make it up
  • Differentiate between different kinds of publications and their characteristics
  • Learn editing tools, both on paper and in the digital environment
  • Get to know professional practices in different areas of the sector
  • Understand the processes that govern reading
  • Understand the procedures of publications design on digital devices

Professional opportunities

  • Freelance designer in print and digital media
  • Designer at graphic design studios and web design studios
  • Designer at advertising, communications and marketing agencies
  • Design departments in publishing houses
  • Design departments at branding consultancy firms
  • Department of communications, advertising and marketing design at any company

Course Directors

Grafica Futura - Master of Publishing Design - IED Madrid

gráfica futura

grafica future is a company made up of César Ávila, José Moreno, María Rubio and Javier Navarro that develops its work in different areas of graphic design (editorial, signage, graphics for museums and exhibitions, corporate image, websites and apps) and specializes in art and architecture publications.
It particularly values ​​projects in collaboration with architects, artists, curators, editors, photographers and illustrators.


The changes in the past two decades have transformed the way we do things, the tools and skills required and the nature of the work, presenting challenges for design professionals.

Because of this we consider it necessary both to review the content and provide new perspectives on the traditional disciplines of our work (typography, layout, art direction and production, among others), and to open up the spectrum of knowledge that can be useful to address complex editorial projects such as illustration, computer graphics, photography, new media, publishing and management.

Course file

Master of Publishing Design: Print and Digital Media

  • Type of course : Master
  • Language : Español
  • School: Visual Communication
  • IED Credits: 60
  • Start date: October 2018
  • Duration: 10 months
  • Timetable : Afternoon 19.00-22.30 h (Mon to Fri, 3 to 5 days per week)
  • Attendance: in-person
  • Qualification: Private A private certificate will be issued at the end of the course
  • Directed to : graphic designers who want to specialize in this field and professionals with some knowledge of editorial design, who need to delve further into this field. Professional experience will be valued
  • Admission process : CV / Cover letter Portfolio (up to 3Mb) / Website. Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign knowledge. Personal interview, if deemed appropriate by the teaching coordination
  • Enrollment rate: 2500 €
  • Course Fee: 9400 €
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