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Postgraduate Course in Customer Experience Excellence

Postgraduate Courses - 4 months

The keys to developing your professional career in the field of consumer innovation and customer experience design.

Postgraduate Course in Customer Experience Excellence

Constant innovation, agility in decision-making, enormous doses of creativity and honest and valuable proposals are what really transcend people's quality of life and define the new rules of the game in the world of consumption. 
Customer experience is a cross-discipline within a company. Recently, large and medium-sized companies have created this new position, which works in coordination with innovation, marketing, operations, technology and systems departments. 
The Postgraduate Course in Customer Experience Excellence aims to respond to the needs and specifications of the digital and social environment. It is a program that establishes the conceptual foundations of the basic principles applied when designing the digital and social marketing strategy of any company or institution, framing the important practical cases handled by 2.0 communication and digital marketing professionals. 


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  • Understand the new competitive context and strategic framework of the world of business and business
  • Provide theoretical and practical knowledge for the planning and implementation of advanced research techniques focused on the needs, motivations and interests of people
  • Provide the necessary knowledge and tools to design innovative experiences, products and services
  • Provide the necessary knowledge to understand the strategic objectives of a company, its competitive environment and the impact that operations and processes have on the redesign of experiences
  • Understand and manage the omnichannel nature of the different points of contact and interaction with the consumer
  • Become aware of digital disruptive technologies, tools and platforms that contribute to the omnichannel (physical and digital point)
  • Understand and apply techniques of development, prototyping and technological implementation through Scrum and Agile methodologies

Professional Opportunities

  • Departments of Innovation, Planning and Strategic Design of processes and operations
  • Service Design, Design Thinking and Creative Innovation
  • Strategic Marketing and Communication Departments
  • Departments for the Design of New Customer Experiences
  • Departments for the Design of New Experiences and Engagement with Employees
  • Departments for New Creation in Cross-Channel Customer Experience
  • Head of online channel, design and interaction with customers and customer attraction
  • Advertising, Communication, Events and PR agencies.

Course Directors

Pepa Romero - Postgraduate Course in Customer Experience Excellence - IED Madrid

María José Romero


Expert Principal Digital Solutions. Customer Experience and Interaction at Minsait by Indra.
Partner in Good Rebels.

Pepa has developed her career in the digital world in the areas of management, marketing and operations, always very focused on the understanding of the user and the improvement of their experience via technology. She is currently working at Minsait, the digital section of Indra, where she is in charge of Customer Experience, Innovation and new ideas regarding interaction with the user and consumer.

Luz Nunez - Postgraduate Course in Customer Experience Excellence - IED Madrid

Luz Núñez

Senior Consultant Customer Experience and Interaction at Minsait by Indra.
She previously served as Digital Strategist at Good Rebels.

Luz is an expert in Strategic Consulting and Digital Marketing, focused on creating and developing processes of digital transformation for large companies, with an omnichannel vision. At present, she is working on the development of the Customer Experience Department for digital solutions at Minsait, of which she also forms part, focusing on the search for customer insights.

Course file

Postgraduate Course in Customer Experience Excellence

  • Type of course : Postgraduate Courses
  • Language : Español
  • School: Management
  • IED Credits: 20
  • Start date: March 2018
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Timetable : Afternoon-Evening 19.00 - 22.00 h, Mon to Fri, 3 to 5 days per week
  • Attendance: in-person
  • Qualification: Private
  • Enrollment rate: 1200 €
  • Course Fee: 3000 €
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