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Postgraduate Course in Graphic and Digital Design

Postgraduate Courses - 4 months

Create, develop and communicate graphic design projects from creativity and innovation.

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    Postgraduate Course in Graphic and Digital Design

    Design should be understood as a way of being in the world and relating with it, promoting its ability to improve quality of life and modify both the environment and reality itself. Thus, design is configured as a discipline that not only solves problems but also asks the right questions, quickly adapting to new lifestyles and even anticipating future needs. 
    The Postgraduate Course in Graphic and Digital Design gives you the tools you need to develop a global graphic design project, balancing print and digital media, as well as promoting your creative potential in order to develop your conceptual and technical skills. 


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    • Acquire the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge for the generation of graphic communication for a project or business idea
    • Delve into the characteristics of digital media
    • Organize all phases of a design project, from concept to development and materialization, through the technical tools of the field
    • See how the creation and strategic management of a high-quality graphic communication create opportunities for companies, products and professionals
    • Achieve high online visibility for our projects and business ideas through friendly, functional and aesthetically appealing designs, with an emphasis on information design, web positioning and the possibilities of the 2.0 environment
    • Encourage the choice of less travelled and more innovative paths of graphic design
    • Reflect on the ongoing debate between what is known as the “transition from analog to digital and vice versa”

    Professional Opportunities

    • Creative departments at advertising and communication agencies
    • Your own graphic design and illustration studio
    • Design, image and business communication departments
    • Freelance graphic designer or illustrator

    Course Director

    Roberto Vidal - ostgraduate Course in Graphic and Digital Design - IED Madrid

    Roberto Vidal. RV.Studio

    RV.Studio was founded in 2010 in Madrid. Directed by Roberto Vidal, the studio combines the development of visual communication projects with research in design.

    Specialized in editorial design, flexible identities and web projects, it works with other designers, architects, illustrators, artists and curators in order to provide the best customer solutions, balancing the functional with the conceptual.


    Course file

    Postgraduate Course in Graphic and Digital Design

    • Type of course : Postgraduate Courses
    • Language : Español
    • School: Visual Communication
    • IED Credits: 20
    • Start date: October 2018
    • Duration: 4 months
    • Timetable : Afternoon-Evening 19.00 - 22.00 h. L-V. 3, 4 ó 5 días por semana
    • Attendance: in-person
    • Qualification: Private al término del curso se entregará un certificado acreditativo por haber realizado y superado satisfactoriamente el mismo.
    • Directed to : emprendedores, diseñadores, artistas y, en general, a todas aquellas personas interesadas en adquirir una base en diseño gráfico y web que les permita desarrollar la comunicación gráfica de su proyecto o idea empresarial.
    • Admission process : se prevé una selección efectuada sobre la base de currículum vítae, carta de motivación y porfolio de trabajos. Entrevista personal, si la Coordinación Didáctica lo estima oportuno.
    • Enrollment rate: 1200 €
    • Course Fee: 3000 €

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    By pressing “Send” I accept the “Legal notice ” And the “Privacy policy ”. * Obligatory fields