Postgraduate Course in Digital Illustration

Postgraduate - 6 months

  • School: Visual Communication
  • IED Credits: 30

  • School: Visual Communication
  • IED Credits: 30
  • Start date: 20 January 2022
  • Language : Español

    Postgraduate Course in Digital Illustration

    The Postgraduate Course in Digital Illustration is intended for those who love digital illustration, who want to know all its techniques and possibilities, as well as master the basics of Digital Art and Concept Art.

    WACOM graphic tablets and iPads will be the work tools for creating from any place, making changes and adding ideas. Depending on the application we use (photoshop, illustrator, etc.), it will be exported in various ways and different lines, fillings, colours and textures will be used to give life to the work.

    A digital illustrator’s work ranges from being freelance to being part of a creative team for launching the messages to be conveyed, as promotions, brand values or an advertising campaign. A sketch marks the future composition of a project, which is then given shape and the resulting art will be reflected in a website, a brochure or a company’s logo.

    Course file

    Postgraduate Course in Digital Illustration

    • Type of course : Postgraduate
    • Language : Español
    • School: Visual Communication
    • IED Credits: 30
    • Start date: 20 January 2022
    • Duration: 6 months
    • Timetable : Afternoon-Evening
    • Attendance: Mixed
    • Qualification: Private
    • Enrollment rate: 2000 €
    • Course Fee: 3900 €


    Shape professionals who know the theoretical and artistic techniques of drawing that will lead them to develop their own style.

    Know the techniques and skills of traditional drawing applied to its digital format, following a work methodology and project development that manages to capitalise and ensure the profitability of each one of the creative processes that are undertaken.

    Give shape to your ideas with a more polished technique in order to conceptualise, develop and complete digital works or projects related to the world of marketing, advertising and digital communication.

    Professional Opportunities

    Our students are trained with a multidisciplinary approach that allows them to carry out their work in very diverse areas of the illustration or visual communication sector and to make contact with peers and related companies:

    • Illustrator
    • Concept artist
    • 2D artist
    • Freelance designer
    • Creative

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