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Postgraduate Course in Infographics and Data Visualisation

Postgraduate - 4 months

From large quantities of institutional, social or sports data to complex processes or descriptions. Learn to communicate in a simple and visual manner through the design of infographics.

    Postgraduate Course in Infographics and Data Visualisation

    Infographics are graphic representations of information. They are an essential tool for transmitting ideas visually and simply, but also analytically and precisely. Understanding their processes, possibilities and functioning allows any communication or design professional to establish effective communication with their readers or customers. They can represent in a simple and easy to understand way large amounts of institutional, social or sports data or complex processes or descriptions.

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    • To learn how to use specific tools for data processing, analysis and representation
    • To know the history and evolution of infographics, their adaptation to digital media and their use in the information society
    • To learn the criteria that distinguish a good infographics development
    • To learn to work with different sources of data, distinguishing their reliability.
    • To assimilate the process of creating infographics from their conception up to their publication
    • To define the professional opportunities of infographics in data journalism and through specialisation

    Professional opportunities

    • Freelance infographic designer
    • Infographic designer in companies or consultancies
    • Journalistic infographic designer in printed, digital or audiovisual media
    • Specialist in new narratives
    • Data Journalist
    • Art director
    • Storyteller



    Covadonga Fernández

    Degree in Journalism from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She has worked as an infographic designer at El País, Cinco Días, Diario Público and AHORA Semanal. In addition, having specialised in medical and journalistic infographics, she works with media such as elDiario.es and La Marea.
    She has built her career in the field of business communication, carrying out consultancy work in visual communication strategies for companies such as CaixaBank or the Sovereign Wealth Data Lab, of the Instituto de Empresa.

    Infographics cover an area that is as close to the work of a designer as it is to that of a journalist, so for one or for the other, having extensive knowledge of infographics will facilitate their work both when presenting information and when narrating it. Infographics involve both organising a large quantity of data and telling a story with said data that the reader comes to discover. It is the most beautiful way to communicate.

    Course file

    Postgraduate Course in Infographics and Data Visualisation

    • Type of course : Postgraduate
    • Language : Español
    • School: Visual Communication
    • IED Credits: 20
    • Start date: April 2019
    • Duration: 4 months
    • Timetable : Afternoon 19.00 - 22.30 h, Mon to Fri, 3 to 5 days per week
    • Attendance: in-person
    • Qualification: Private al término del curso el alumno recibirá un certificado acreditativo.
    • Directed to : diseñadores gráficos, motion graphers, directores de arte, periodistas, ilustradores y profesionales de la comunicación audiovisual que quieran profundizar en la representación gráfica de información
    • Admission process : a selection will be made on the basis of CV / Motivation Letter / Portfolio / Personal interview as deemed necessary by the Academic Coordination Team
    • Enrollment rate: 1200 €
    • Course Fee: 3000 €

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