Postgraduate Course in Jewellery Design

Postgraduate - 3 months

  • School: Fashion
  • IED Credits: 20

Stand out. Learn to create your own jewellery collections and design unique pieces of high quality jewellery and watchmaking.

  • School: Fashion
  • IED Credits: 20
  • Start date: October 2021
  • Language : Español

    Postgraduate Course in Jewellery Design

    From technical drawing to the most cutting-edge technology. In the Postgraduate Course in Jewellery Design you will learn about the manual and technological tools needed to master the processes of creating a jewellery collection. 

    Become involved in the mechanical processes of jewellery, the study of design elements and the functional and decorative details throughout the range of accessories. 

    With its mixed format, this degree will allow all students to learn, participate and be part of the IED community in person, in physical and virtual classrooms, and remotely. 


    • Explore and experiment with materials and techniques to learn about design processes and product development.
    • Get to know the phases of production of jewellery for a signature collection or accessories range for a brand.
    • Understand the importance of trends in the stages of design development.
    • Provide the tools so that students can transform their ideas into designs, using traditional drawing, illustration and the latest computer technologies.

    Professional Opportunities

    • Signature jewellery designer
    • Fashion jewellery designer at fashion companies
    • Freelance jewellery or costume jewellery designer for brands
    • Fashion accessory designer  
    • Accessories buyer for fashion brands

    Master of Fashion Accessories Design

    This Postgraduate Course is part of the Master of Fashion Accessories Design, a program composed of three modules that can be carried out independently:

    Course file

    Postgraduate Course in Jewellery Design

    • Type of course : Postgraduate
    • Language : Español
    • School: Fashion
    • IED Credits: 20
    • Start date: October 2021
    • Duration: 3 months
    • Timetable : Afternoon-Evening 19.00-22.30 h (Mon to Fri, 3 to 5 days per week)
    • Attendance: In-person
    • Qualification: Private / A private certificate will be issued at the end of the course.
    • Directed to : fashion professionals, industrial designers, graduates in Fine Arts and all those who want to specialize in the design of jewellery accessories in the fashion sector.
    • Admission process : a selection will be made on the basis of CV, motivation letter and portfolio of works. Basic knowledge of computer tools such as Illustrator and Photoshop (and practical skills such as freehand drawing). Personal interview, if the Didactic Coordination deems it appropriate.
    • Enrollment rate: 1200 €
    • Course Fee: 3200 €

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