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Do you know about the new marketing profile? Customer Experience Manager

The Internet has revolutionized the way we relate to the world, the way we work, communicate, consume… It has created a new relationship between brands and consumers where the user’s experience plays a crucial role in marketing strategy.

Experience and interaction have become two fundamental pillars in the brand-consumer relationship. Many companies have therefore incorporated a new position into their organisational chart that works in coordination with innovation, marketing, operations, technology and systems departments.

This new reality has led to the creation of the Postgraduate Course in Customer Experience Excellence, a programme where you can learn everything about experiential marketing. Starting from research, and including conceptualisation and ideation, and finishing with the final stage of prototyping and analytics.  

Next, we talk to the course directors, Pepa Romero and Luz Nuñez, about the role of customer experience in marketing strategy, the content of the programme and much more about this new professional profile.

Pepa Romero - Postgraduate Course in Customer Experience Excellence - IED Madrid

Pepa Romero

Expert Principal Digital Solutions en Minsait by Indra Customer Experience and Interaction

Luz Nuñez

Senior Consultant Customer Experience and Interaction in Minsait by Indra

Customer experience has revolutionised the world of marketing, providing a new perspective on the relationship between brands and their target market. As experts in the field, what exactly is customer experience?

Customer experience is the set of interactions between an individual and a brand; it is the multi-dimensional, interactive and multi-channel relationship individuals maintain with brands and their products and services.
When we talk about experience, we are talking about emotional, sensory and perception dimensions to human relationships. An optimal customer experience is one which does not generate divergences between the consumers’ value perceptions and the value proposals offered by brands through their products and services.

The manner in which brands and customers interact is of vital importance for creating a “brand experience repertoire”. What knowledge and tools will students see in this course?

From tools for ideation, creation and designing experiences through human-centred design methodologies up to digital tools for prototyping products that promote optimal experiences. Techniques for researching and designing Customer Journeys, empathy maps, configuring buyer personas, detecting frictions and resolving pain points by reformulating operational processes. Understanding and drawing emotional relationship maps with regard to individuals and brands.

Customer experience management needs to be a strategy that analyses all the channels in which the company operates. In what sectors can we find specialists who work on customer experience?

Customer experience is a discipline for action that is applicable to any sector of activity that we can imagine: consumer goods, retail, banking, insurance, health, pharmaceuticals and even energy and utilities. The development of techniques and capacities for customer experience is also applicable to industrial sectors and to B2B businesses, thus generating positive results in sales, loyalty and increasing customer value.
This course is aimed at any professional that works in the environment of customer relations, marketing, loyalty, customer service, innovation and business development. Customer experience is being incorporated into business life and management and its effects cut across almost all the areas of the company that have a direct or indirect relationship with customers and their development.

The programme of the Postgraduate Course in Customer Experience Excellence includes a real project in collaboration with a company. Can you give us any information about this collaboration in the new edition of the course?

The programme includes the evaluation, design and redefinition of real experiences with real companies and real customers. In this new edition of the course, we will have professionals that are developing and executing innovative customer relationship strategies.

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