Become a Specialist in Influencer Marketing on YouTube. Interview with Ainhoa ​​Muguerza

With this course, we want to train people to be able to understand and use YouTube as a social network with which to achieve their personal and brand communication objectives, thanks to the multiple narrative possibilities offered by online video."
Ainhoa Muguerza


Based on the premise that video is the content king, YouTube is the quintessential audiovisual platform and opinion leaders play an important role in content marketing strategies, IED Madrid has created the Summer Course in Influencer Marketing: Digital Strategies on YouTube.

A programme aimed at influencers and marketing professionals who are interested in the field of Branded Content and Branded Entertainment on social networks. There are many advantages to focusing on a marketing strategy on YouTube and Influencer Marketing on this platform is therefore gaining increasing importance in brand strategies.

A course in partnership with Divimove, Europe’s industry leader in developing Branded Content and Influencer Marketing strategies for major multinationals through online video platforms and social networks.



Next, we talk with Ainhoa Muguerza, the programme director, about the role of YouTube in new marketing strategies, her experience in Branded Content, the course programme and other topics.



PR & Communications Manager in Divimove

YouTube has radically changed the way we consume content as users, but it has also revolutionised the concept of influencer. Is it possible to make a living from YouTube? Can managing a YouTube channel be a profession?
Yes, it’s possible to make a living as a YouTuber. However, it’s also important to bear in mind that living only from YouTube views and partner programmes is more difficult as the platform’s monetisation policy has changed a great deal in recent years and the presence of advertisers is lower than when the programme began.
Therefore, in addition to creating content on YouTube, many influencers support their activity with a strong presence on the other social networks, where they also undertake partnerships with brands, including performing off-line projects as participants on television and radio programmes, creating their own clothing lines, publishing books, etc.

What functions mark the day-to-day work of an employee at Divimove or professionals focused on strategies for YouTube?
Firstly, we need to differentiate the work of the business development team and the work of the talent team.
The former focuses on contacting different brands and dealing with the briefings that are received from advertisers in order, based on the needs and objectives of each company, to define together with the creative team a proposal for undertaking a campaign in line with those objectives. In addition to managing the relationship between the influencer and the brand during the campaign, what the talent team usually does is to refine that creative proposal with the contribution made by the influencers. It is often the influencers themselves who propose ideas that they know will work on their channels. Secondly, the talent and influencers team also advise on a strategic level with content for new videos, provide support when they have any technical difficulties on the platform, inform about all aspects relating to the use of digital rights and offer support at a commercial level through our online video creative agency: Brandboost by Divimove.

Social networks and new digital platforms have revolutionised the way in which we communicate and, above all, how companies communicate. What skills are necessary nowadays for a position such as yours?
Firstly, it is necessary to have thorough knowledge of the business model on social networks in general and on YouTube specifically, particularly with regard to Influencer Marketing. I often realise that there is a major lack of knowledge about the possibilities offered by YouTube because of the technical complexity that some of them entail and this is where more emphasis needs to be made so that it can be explained, without sounding like double Dutch, in a friendly and direct manner.
Secondly, we often have to explain what the work of influencers consists of, as there are often many doubts about this aspect. Therefore, and in my case, the best thing is to listen to content creators and to the people who work with them on a daily basis to discover their reality and be able to transmit it in the best possible way.

What profiles would suit receiving training or updating their knowledge with a course focused on branded content, branded entertainment and influencer marketing linked to social networks?
An Account Executive at an agency, Content Producer and Content Manager at an agency, Analyst at an agency or company, Social Media Strategist - freelance, at a company or agency -, Community Manager - freelance, at a company or agency-, Accounts Manager at media agencies, Content Creator at digital media or blogs, Digital Strategy Development Manager in a marketing, business or digital activations department.


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