Do you want to update your knowledge in the digital world? Digital Creative Manager Weekend Course

“Whether you are an advertising creative or accounts manager, strategist or client, this course will help you to understand and improve your digital skills and the process of creative dialogue within projects.”
Alejandro Di Trolio


For you, a lover of communication who wants to update their knowledge in the latest new developments in the digital world, we present the Digital Creative Manager Weekend Course directed by: Alejandro Di Trolio.

There are many new professions, whose English titles are used in Spanish, that have arisen over recent years. The world of marketing is developing at a frenetic rate; there are new tools and new channels, digital challenges change and new professional profiles are demanded.

With the format of a Weekend Course, IED Madrid has created a programme that will introduce you to the new reality of digital advertising and marketing: the most effective tools for successfully managing new digital challenges and undertaking innovative and effective strategies through the new channels.

Alejandro Di Trolio, Executive Creative Director and Partner at Good Rebels, with over 15 years’ experience in advertising, working in agencies in Latin America and Europe for brands such as IKEA, Toyota, Red Bull and Volkswagen, has the ideal profile for being the programme director. His work has been recognised at festivals such as El Sol, Inspirational, Fiap, Lovie Awards, and he is currently a member of the panel of judges at advertising festivals such as El Club de Creativos and WINA.



Director of the Weekend Course in Digital Creative Manager
Executive Creative Director and Partner at Good Rebels

Your work has been awarded national and international prizes in advertising festivals, can you give us any keys for standing out in the world of creative management?
I think that you only need to keep three things at the forefront of your mind.
Firstly, you must use your creativity to solve people’s real problems. In the end, our audience is not in a statistic, or in a graph, it is the people on the street with their day-to-day lives. If we manage to make brands and services provide a tangible value or help to improve their reality, then advertising creativity will make sense and will be relevant.
The second thing is to be honest and humble, honest so as not to say half-truths or to lie and humble so as not to work for awards, but for yourself.
The third thing is to know how to manage your creative team, treating them as people and not as numbers, knowing that they are the driver of everything and acting accordingly. You can only grow by making those around you grow as well.

What functions are hidden behind a position that sounds as good as “Digital Creative Manager”?
You have to have a nose for catching trends and transforming them into winning ideas. Inspiring and empowering teams to achieve objectives. Using technology and new media as a tool for generating universal concepts and, what is most important, you must know how to sell: sell the ideas of the creative team, sell motivation, sell alternatives and not sell out to the easy and quick solution.
In short, a Digital Creative Manager is at the helm and at the same time is the filter of a creative team specialised in digital areas and is nowadays a key part in an agency’s growth in such a competitive sector as that seen today.

The speed at which digital media contents are produced requires a radically different mentality to that of the traditional Creative Manager, what skills are required of a Digital Creative Manager today?
Unlike a Traditional Creative Manager, a Digital Creative Manager has to be a Swiss army knife prepared for everything and with the ability to easily adapt to new changes.
Creative Managers are very specialised in conventional media, like decades ago, while the new Digital Creative Managers have to be trained both in classic media and in those which have not yet been invented. They need to be alert, not only in order to know what the latest development is at the level of technological resources or market trends, but also at the same time they must know how to transform it, with the resources of traditional advertising, into something new.
A Digital Creative Manager is, as I said before, a Swiss army knife prepared to cut the future without forgetting to carve the present.

What professional profiles might be interested in training in this new discipline?
This course is actually designed for creative supervisors, Creative Managers, or any other creative that wishes to update their knowledge in the digital world and in TechnoCreativity applied to winning concepts and ideas. It is also intended for Account Planners, Managers and Executives interested in new advertising media and their assimilation in the new creativity. And, in short, all those people who want to understand the new mental and organisational rules, paths and structures of digital advertising.


Discover his projects: Ditrolio

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