How to become Head of Digital at fashion brands: Course in Fashion Digital Business

“We want to provide a 360° vision of the digital fashion business to different professionals so that they can identify opportunities, understand weaknesses and, above all, generate global strategies in the competitive digital and omni-channel environment.”
Cristina L. Pancorbo


Do you want to expand your knowledge of e-commerce? Do you have your own brand and do not know how to digitise it? Do you want to strengthen your brand’s presence on the Internet? Whatever your interest, we have what you need: the Weekend Course in Fashion Digital Business, led by fashion and e-commerce expert Cristina L. Pancorbo.

The Course in Fashion Digital Business offers a global vision of fashion brands in the digital universe. Digitising a brand is much more than having a website and being present on social networks. That is why the programme includes knowledge of branding, e-commerce, web design, CRM, digital marking, omni-channel strategies and much more.

With over 10 years’ experience in the fashion industry for companies such as the Benetton Group, H&M, Adolfo Domínguez and El Corte Inglés, Cristina L. Pancorbo has created a course that offers a general and real vision of the conceptualisation, processes and tools necessary to achieve an efficient and profitable digital and omni-channel strategy framed within the DNA of a fashion brand.



Cristina L. Pancorbo

Expert in the digital and omni-channel fashion environment.
Head of Digital for the Lingerie and Swimwear areas of

With over 10 years’ experience working in the fashion sector at companies such as the Benetton Group, H&M, Adolfo Domínguez and El Corte Inglés, how would you define the digital change undergone by the sector in the areas of marketing and communication?
Fascinating. Although in Spain we were late in adopting these changes. Ten years ago, it seemed that digitising a brand meant creating its e-commerce, but digitisation in the areas of marketing and communication goes much further. It deals with building relationships with a user, making his/her life easier in every aspect, when buying, gaining information and consuming content, and with understanding what you can do for the user. The arrival of the smartphone ended up changing everything! 24/7 multi-device connection. We consume data constantly. The most beautiful thing about the digital environment is that we are still building the roadmaps.

An omni-channel approach is currently a must when considering the communication strategy of any business. What does it consist of?
Not only in the communication strategy, but also in the overall strategy of any company. Ignoring an omni-channel approach today is like those who ignored the digital environment a few years ago. It means arriving late. The progress made in this regard is immense. It is not enough to provide customers with the option of collecting the product at a store 48 hours after purchasing online or making the content 360°. An omni-channel approach means offering customers what they are interested in irrespective of where the user is located and from where he/she is requesting the information: in a physical shop, at home or sitting at the latest fashionable café, from a laptop, tablet or through an augmented reality app. An omni-channel approach is synonymous with being relevant for the customer and that goes far beyond the scope of communication.

What functions are hidden behind a position that sounds as good as "Head of Digital"?
A Head of Digital is the person responsible for consolidating and developing the business in said environment. From generating demand up to post-sales contact, if this should occur, it is essential to offer a satisfactory user experience that generates recurrence. Consequently, a Head of Digital needs a marketing vision to generate traffic through every channel and not exclusively online channels, a product vision to understand what seduces the customer and what doesn’t, a strong business point of view in order to make decisions that are profitable and sustainable over time and, in companies in which the strength comes from the physical world, a strong ability to integrate and understand the position occupied.

What professional profiles might be interested in this course? What will the students see in the programme?
This executive programme in Fashion Digital Business is aimed at professionals from the online world who want to have a global vision, from community managers to e-commerce managers, experts in SEO, heads of marketing or entrepreneurs that require overall knowledge of the digital environment. The programme adopts a multidisciplinary approach and broad vision to delve into the conceptualisation, processes and tools necessary to achieve an efficient and profitable digital and omni-channel strategy framed within the DNA of a fashion organisation. The main objective of this programme is to provide a 360° vision of the digital business, addressing each one of the areas that make up the value chain of this environment. These are all important in order to satisfy an increasingly informed and demanding consumer who expects a unique and differential customer experience.


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