Interested in interior design? Weekend Course in Interior Design

“This course encourages students to develop their knowledge and interest in interior design by exploring a selection of case studies that are similar to those faced by professionals in this fascinating discipline."
Ruth Vega


Keen on interior design and decoration? If you are one of those people who visualise thousands of possibilities in empty spaces, stop imagining and start designing attractive and functional spaces with the Interior Design Course directed by Ruth Vega.

With the format of a Weekend Course, IED Madrid has created a programme that will introduce you to the holistic process of interior design and will allow you to discover concepts such as environmental psychology, the history of design, the science of materials, the power of lighting and landscaping.

Ruth Vega combines her teaching, professional and research activity within the field of architecture, and is the perfect mentor to accompany you on your discovery of the different facets of the profession of interior designers and to introduce you to the extensive world of interior design.


Projects by Cuartoymitad Architecture & Landscape





Doctor in Architecture
Founding partner of Cuartoymitad Architecture & Landscape
Director of the Weekend Course in Interior Design


You have exhibited your work at the 11th Venice Biennale, at the Valencia Institute of Modern Art and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Badajoz (among others), what is the key to standing out in the world of interior design?
For us, the key has always been to put passion into what you do. This involves continuous work and effort. We approach each project as if it were unique: starting from a global perspective that brings us to assess issues relating to environmental, social and economic sustainability until we reach the design of each one of the details. Only with these continuous leaps of scale, together with interdisciplinary partnerships, is it possible to solve problems fully and effectively.

What functions are hidden behind a profession that sounds as good as “Interior Designer”?
The work of an Interior Designer entails multiple functions that are performed over the different stages of defining and carrying out a project. This involves the initial contact with the client, development of the idea, the definition of the project and oversight of the work, among other aspects.

As Founding Partner of Cuartoymitad Architecture & Landscape, a structure based on ongoing sharing and work in partnership with professionals from multiple disciplines, what are the skills required of an Interior Designer nowadays?
The main skill is to have a creative mind with an open perspective and the ability to approach the projects in a comprehensive manner. It is also important to have prior knowledge of the different disciplines that converge in interior design, such as the history of interior design, design and spatial representation, materials, lighting etc.

What professional profiles might be interested in starting in the world of interior design?
All those people who have a relationship with the discipline in any of its different facets. For example: event coordinators, hotel managers, furniture designers or manufacturers, etc. and, in short, all those people who have an interest in interior design and who have decided to undertake training in order to allow them to carry out their vocation professionally or merely for profit.


Discover her projects: Cuartoymitad Architecture & Landscape

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