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Experience the show from the inside with the Blended Master in Event Organisation, Direction and Management

Planning an event can seem deceptively simple. When you take part in organising an event, you become aware of all the work involved: To manage an event is to create a major show without general rehearsals or safety nets. Once the event has begun, there are no second chances.

Like many things in life, the more you practice event production, the better professional you will be. Faithful to this line of thought, the Blended Master in Event Organization, Direction and Management is characterised by its practical nature. Students can perform several “rehearsals” in the different scenarios in which they may debut in the future. In the last edition, students collaborated in the organisation of two famous Madrid festivals: Madcool and Utopía .


Alicia Toboso

We believe that the best learning is experiencing something first hand, and who better than our director, Alicia Toboso , a leading events professional specialised in the field of music, to reveal this world and how our training programme adapts to the sector’s needs.

Event organisation is considered a very vocational profession because of the dedication that it requires. Is this true?

It is true that event organisation requires a lot of dedication, but I also believe it is a very fun profession, and one in which you are constantly learning, and it can therefore be very enjoyable. 
I came to the world of event organisation somewhat by chance because I really come from the world of television, specifically music television. Thanks to my time at MTV, I had the opportunity to participate in the production of many musical events. This has subsequently given me the opportunity to design, create and direct other types of events.

In the coming edition of the Master, the students will perform collaborations with event promotion agencies. Can you give us any names?

We don’t want to reveal the names in order to keep the Master’s factor of surprise. What I can tell you is that we are working along the lines of last year: collaborations with promotional agencies and major events.
What we’re looking for is that at the end of the training programme students will be truly capable of meeting the demands of the employment market for event sector professionals.

Who would you recommend our Blended Master in Event Organisation, Direction Management to?

I would recommend it to inquisitive people who are keen to learn from many sectors at the same time and not be pigeonholed into one field. Organising events involves being in contact with professionals from many sectors from whom you can learn a great deal.

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