Luminaire design lights up your ideas

Los diseñadores Stuart Williams y Marre Moerel, directores del Curso de Postgrado de Producto y Luz, hablan sobre el futuro del diseño y la profesión del diseñador de producto

The function of luminaires - colloquially called light fixtures - is not only to illuminate; they are also a way of expressing the personal identity of the user and of the space. From fire to electricity, light has the ability to create atmospheres, tell stories and trigger emotions.

A designer of light objects works powerful concepts around light and shadow, giving it shape, body and volume through the creation of light fixtures. A work of design that involves both the emotions and the technical qualities of light, generating synergies for creating powerful and complete objects.

The Dutch designer Marre Moerel, with an extensive career in the world of furniture, lighting, tableware and accessory design, states that "light is the most beautiful material on earth. It has no shape, it has no body, it has no volume… yet it allows you to tell your own stories in a thousand different ways”.

A complex design process, from the conceptual side up to the marketing, which is why IED has created the Postgraduate Course in Product and Light. A programme that is focused on being hands-on, covering conceptual research and development of proposals using the learning-by-doing method.

A course directed by the designers Stuart Williams and Marre Moerel, professionals with extensive experience in the design sector, who will guide students in experimentation with materials, light sources and various technologies applicable to luminaires in order to train designers who are specialists in light and the object.

Luminaire design is a specialisation with infinite possibilities, a profession with a lot of future in the world of product design, as highlighted by the New Zealand designer Stuart Williams, "light is an untold story open to illumination. It creates the ability to dream. On this basis, the possibilities for creation are boundless”.


Photo Credits: Project of Master of Product Design for Gerardo Mari.
Students: Ana M. Suárez-Anta, Judit Munizagas y Liliana Patarroyo.  


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