Do you want to be a Creative Manager? Meet the Digital Creative Manager Course team

Do you want to know what is hidden behind a position that sounds as good as Digital Creative Manager? Discover the creative and strategic work in the digital field with the Digital Creative Manager Weekend Course.

A programme aimed at professionals (and lovers) of advertising, marketing and communication who want to expand their knowledge in the digital world, learn about the basic structures for creating campaigns, use the most effective tools for successfully managing digital projects or discover the most innovative digital/social strategies.

Creative Managers, Account Managers, Planners, Digital Strategists or specialists in Innovation are some of the positions of the programme’s teachers. A team of professionals who will unleash your creativity and transport you to the working dynamics of an agency, discovering the digital briefing from all its perspectives.

Next, we talk with Jacobo Pérez and Juan Manuel Sepúlveda, teachers on the Digital Creative Manager Course, about their "superpowers", the course programme and much more.




Innovation & Business Director at NOW/
Head of Creative Innovation at dommo.x

What superpower should a "Head of Creative Innovation" have?
I don’t think you need to have any superpower.
It’s a bit of a cliché, but you simply need to be curious, to consume a great deal of information and stop thinking of technology as code that only programmers understand.

What will students be able to learn in your classes?
That technology is neither the idea nor the resource, but rather the tool to allow the true idea to have an exponential impact on more people. Based on this premise, we will conduct a tech scan of some of the most interesting emerging technologies and we will see how they are being applied both in our industry and in others.

What made you become interested in technology?
That happened over three stages. In the first stage, being a junior copywriter, I was asked on a project if I knew Flash and HTML. Instead of saying no, I decided to learn it and discovered that I loved it.
In the second stage, an Art Director on my team told me a very interesting thing, that she had learned programming as some programming languages are “spoken” by more people than many human languages.
Thirdly, simply by understanding that the ideas and projects that I wanted to develop were not based on a TV or printed material, I decided that I had to understand other types of platforms, resources and technologies.

What is the best advice that you have been given (or that you would give) for working as a Creative Manager?
The truth is there are many, but in particular, I can highlight two.
Firstly, that I needed to learn to be more of a manager than a creative, that my mission was to enhance the ideas of others for them to be successful.
Secondly, that I needed to find new sources of inspiration and not try to launch ideas and projects for the people of today using the formats and resources of 20 years ago.

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Digital Creative Director at Labstore Y&R

What superpower should a “Digital Creative Director” have?
The same as any team leader: knowing how to listen. First of all, to your team, helping them to get their ideas off the ground and having the ability to guide and manage anxiety. And secondly, to your organisation, helping to create a culture over the long term that is recognisable. In Spain, we have great examples. That is the objective.

What will students be able to learn in your classes?
We will try to dissect what makes a digital campaign “good”, “brilliant” and one that works. What is happening in digital advertising, discovering where we are heading. How to draw insights, techniques for generating ideas (divergence and convergence), and how we can use these ideas to make an actionable campaign in different touch points. From the brand image to the social networks.

What is the best advice that you have been given (or that you would give) for working as a Creative Manager?
"Buzz Lightyear: this isn't flying, this is falling with style." 
Do less what is right and be more creative. And enjoy it. It's just work.

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Director of the Weekend Course in Digital Creative Manager
Executive Creative Director and Partner at Good Rebels

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